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Nicolas Gonzalez - Ghosts lyrics

Will you be someone
Who leaves a mark
When your bones are long gone
And not just letters on a stone?
Let me show you
What goes on in here when you're not there
I've left you something to remember me
If I'm the one who keeps you up at night
At least let me know
So that when we grow old
This fear might finally end
If you could learn to forget me
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I'd carve my heart into the atmosphere
You'd breathe in the pieces
Well, I'm pleased to meet you
I hope that your name lasts forever
We're buried deep in time and we'll never
Get to see all the endings
What will it take to make this stay?
The thought of you forgetting me
Abandoning my memory, oh…
I will burn my name into the sky
You'll never
You'll never leave

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