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Nicola - Vodka Tampon (feat. King Mo) lyrics

Sean O'neill on my dick
Say it like that
No, say it like this, Sean O'Neill on the

(Let's Go!)

[Verse 1]
Xannie boys we slump mobbin
Bitch lemme know if we got a problem
Sean oneill he's barely on it
He smoke some dope but can't hold his own
When he talk big but ain't want smoke
He face a point five then the bitch motherfucking croak
Irish are big and tough, who the fuck are you?
A greasy ass bitch who really a fucking snitch
Back at the construction site, remember that?
You more of a rat than the rat from ratatouille
"I got the dope from my friend king mo" ratting on your bros you're so fucking naive?
Remember New Year's Eve?
Crying like a hoe, shows who you really are when your true colors show
This rap shit real, don't worry hoe, me and Nicola just got paid so where the fucks the blow
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[Verse 2]
Fuck you Sean, you can Oneill on the ground and suck my dick
You're on a Eskimo bro, but you're dumb like you're slow
Yea you might be retarded
You smell like you farted all the time and I'm not lyin
You literally you smell like shit
You dirty fucking mick
You're hair's bout greasy like a expired Reese's
Then you're stupid as fuck and you smell like a butt
Plus you're snitch, yea you're a bitch
You're a fucking animal you dirty Irish bitch
Fuck you!

[Verse 3}
Seany boy vodka tamp can't hold your liquor treat
Playtex like a dick yuh done put it up ya asshole, asshole
You're an asshole

Yeah, fuck you Sean

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