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Lastly, stare at the sky and praise the will Reconciliations lying sprawled one on top of the other Action gets ahead of us Keep believing without realizing a long gone shadow Hide a voicless word I saved yesterday And lose track of it Time goes on treasuring the fact in my mind That your pain has gone Grief repeats one way or the other Leave the door open with high thoughts Damage the present memories It stretches a complex maze Stray into it, pause for a moment And trace its shape deeply A heart embeaces the courage and stops secretly It forgets the times. Fall asleep within the sound Leaving us behind A face of darkness is so peaceful. We got a little envious of it I reflect my thoughts and prayed for my pain to stop I became naught for a will remains in the ashes My heart moves and gets high. My eyes freeze on My heart avoids the truth and the eyes And now the words echo. They were spelled by scraping my life Now the voice I kept screaming crossing my mind Cry only once and now I desperately ride on time Divided and found, I saw the end The answer I tell by ceasing Farewell is incomplete Believe and doubt The the beginning starts (English translation)

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