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Nick McCabe - Drive You Home lyrics

[Verse 1]
Your face so pale
Hasn't see the light for days
But on the hill
You had no place to say "The skies are all mine
And I'm proud to be here
But when my lover cries I feel his tears

I was gonna drive you home
I was going to tell you who I wanted

[Verse 2]
We came back to the same place
We didn't speak just danced in our minds
Oh lover I know this ain't what it should be
But let me take you home
I'll show you what you should see
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[Verse 3]
I'll never change for anyone
I know it's there but I just can't see it
I know it's there but I can't see it
A little light with you and me in it
I know it's there but I can't see it
I was thinking about the times I could have had
And whether they turn out good if they turn out bad


Show you things your lover wouldn't know
My angel, my lover, my angel
My mind lover, my mind lover
She's my mind lover

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