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Nick Lupi - Folly lyrics

[Verse 1: Jimmy Nice]
Yeah yeah yeah
You wonder where I got my first from?
Became the man of the house by my first summer
You see my daddy hung in dim lit bars
With a bag full of scandal that could probably put a church under
But I ain't acting like I'm the first one to
To wonder what it'd be like when your Nike's on the other
But I promise you this yeah, this here's the bread and the butter
Allow me to raise a toast for you mumma!
I the boy that brought you lay ______ on my ____?
The claim for but to, this the motto (say it)
Thou shall not be afraid of we not, know
Do anything in our power to make the clock slow down
Late checkouts & cheap vodka
Ladies in the crowd with bikini tops off!
Got to wonder what ya kids we say when they see ya
For now we blame it on the weekend woes, ain't that what we here for?

Take what you want
While the sky is getting dark
We run below
(They can) say what they want, but our time is never done
This much I know, I, I know

[Verse 2: Nick Lupi]
I said we do it for the dreamers
High off the folly of youth
Never did what we were told to do
Emboldened by everything we hold is true
If only the young could know and the old could do
Well look at you
Like you really convinced you bulletproof
Living like it won't catch up
But we don't wanna die still wondering why
So to live that life it just don't stack up
And won't ever do
Forget what they expect of you
What you're meant to be
And what you're meant to prove
You only regret what you never do
You can't forget what you never knew
Two shots for them midnight children
Tryna get the sinning all out of their system
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I know em well, cause I'm out there with them
Waging the weekend wars, ain't that what we here for?!


[Nick & Jimmy]
Tryna enjoy the ride
Makes you wanna sigh
Tell me I got it wrong
Tell me I got it wrong
Tryna enjoy the ride
Won't let it you on
Makes you wanna sigh
Blink it'll be gone
Tell me I got it wrong
Man how the f** have I got it wrong
Might not be doing it right
Right where I belong

[Jimmy Nice]:
Writing my long story short
Cause I won't stand for no other man writing it for me

[Nick Lupi]:
Don't plan to be on my hands when I am 40
Understand that all of my tomorrows are right before me

[Jimmy Nice]:
So take what you need when

[Nick Lupi]:
Take what you want from it

[Jimmy Nice]:
Got to be prepared to bomb or loose your bond on it

[Nick Lupi]:
I mean

What more you want from us?

[Nick Lupi]:
In this era of trial and error you better go on an


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