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Nick Lupi - Downtown Money Waster lyrics

[Hook 1 Nick Lupi]
Is this the way it should go?
Preoccupation with dollar chasing is taking its toll
Should plan for rainy days
But I got no interest in saving my soul
I've been putting pen to paper
Hoping one day I got paper to blow
I'll have paper to blow

[Hook 2 Kai]
I got my mind on money tryna mind my own

[Hook 3 Jimmy Nice]
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Said I've been high and I've been low, yeah
Said money come and money go, yeah

[Hook 4 Joyride]
We're going all out, we're going all out
We're going all out just to watch it all go

[Hook 5 Kai]
I roll with worldly girls who act girly
Twirling they Shirley Temple
Round they finger like its early
When really we just emptied our account by 3:30
Sitting on the sofa while these dudes all shoot me dirties
Just the way that it goes

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