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Nick Lupi - Contour Lines lyrics

[Verse 1: Jimmy Nice]
Said there's a war going on inside, we ain't safe from
Walls that we stripped the paint from are talking
Autumn leaves sprawled all over the corpse of
Yesterday's sun, let's take it from once
Upon a time when the incense burned
I used to love her here
You live and you learn if you're given reprieve
But still the pain stays on, like the very same song
You used to push repeat on to put me to sleep
She's screams 'leave me here, go 'head, go 'head and leave me"
She wept a well of forever, the letter reads
You are not allowed to just in and out whoever you please
She's tired and I'm trying to set her free
But still I remember that blood binds us
Forever these cold doors confined us
Stop check the clock on my granddad's watch
And I watch the two hands stop dead in the breeze
Now check it, you ain't gotta tell me I'm selfish mother I know that
Even when you're crying it's 'I got somewhere to be'
Being that I'm an only child leaving the home
Leaving you lonely, there's really f**ing with me
And I know, forever lies only in the hearts who believe in it so wherever I go
I really do hope that you follow, there's no more pride to swallow
Open the blinds up, invite tomorrow, go on and

[Hook: Solo]
Catch my eye, you can take my heart
We put this together, we can take it apart
Looking back over the contour lines that we've travelled across this path
You can take my hand, wherever I am, 'til dysfunction does us part
It does us part, it does us part, 'til dysfunction does us part
It does us part, it does us part, 'til dysfunction does us part
It does us part, it does us part, 'til dysfunction does us part
It does us part, it does us part, it does us part

[Verse 2: Nick Lupi]
There's a war going on inside, we ain't safe from
Shots ring out all up in the place
Onto wake these sleeping dogs, they never lay long
Never much to do but clutch at days gone
We've got enough regrets and memories
To scale the fence between best friends and enemies
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But I don't have the energy, I'm exhausted
All that's heavenly eventually slips
We've had our differences, but still enough sames
To brush the rain off and tuck the frown
So we take this winding road, even though
This map's been held upside down
Because I have seen those very same tears I'm sure
Tried to leave but I know I've been here before
Sprung the very same leak without a pier to moor
When the storm clears, I'ma steer to shore
Sweet mistress, bleed me, cut me
Leave me, f** I should be so lucky
I know she needs me more than she loves me
We fight, we f** til it's beyond ugly
Told me I feel so far away even when she can lean and touch me
She don't trust me, and that's two of us
We could never walk away and that ruined us

[Hook: Solo]

[Verse 3: Jimmy Nice and Nick Lupi]
Who would have thought that the sun rose that next morning I caught it
The cold slept in, Hurt pressed ignore
Saw that last night's stars had forgotten to fall
And hauled 'em all inside, in my heart I poured
And to my surprise I saw, the flowers on the door
The welcome mat on the floor of the brand-new door
And the reflection of the man that you saw, was no more
We can start with hello
And I don't know – how we came to stray from the essence
But at some stage you must walk away from the wreckage
From a stolen kiss on the ride home
To fight night, white knuckles and a dial tone
And we can laugh and cry until both eyes ache
Or scream these walls down for old times' sake
But that ain't gonna take us anywhere but here
And I hold you too dear to keep you near

A bit of weight's been hanging above my head a little lately
And it storms, a thousand storms grey up my skies
And as I walk down the streets that we used to frequent
There's no reprieve from the contour lines

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