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Nick Lupi - Cloudstreet lyrics

[Verse 1, Nick Lupi]
This dedicated to the on tour saviour
Crafted by the creator
Favoured by the creatives
And paper, gla** or vapour
Best friends with laziness
And maybe I'll do it later
But I've mastered my high
I'm focused when I am faded
It only sharpens my grind
Takes me to that location
Uncovers parts of my mind
Go and ask all my neighbours
A necessary part of the equation
I could pa** it if you're waiting
Just don't f** up that rotation
Cos I'm heading to a place
Where the music hits you deeper
The meals taste better
And my girls lips sweeter
Where people come together
With the twisting of the reefer
You can set yourself free with the leaf, uh
So if you see us, we run a muck
If you got a tab then we can run it up
Live, till we see the sun coming up
Light up, we just being funny cunts
Deal money bundled up under the
Bed just like a trundle bun
We in our own lane they can come to us
All that sh** you're saying
Man that don't mean none to us
Talk our own slang cos it's fun to us
sh** I'd only dream when I was younger
I can see in front of us
Roll something up

[Verse 2, Solo]
Now many claim to roll the trumpet up
But we rock up
With something looking like a f**ing blunderbuss
The type that'll blow straight to your head
Like an uppercut
And we about to send it around the room
Till it's reaching every single one of us
Now I feel the buzz seep into my bloodstream
Giving me sight to see what was unseen
My mind hazy my stomach is so hungry
I'm straight Humpty-Dumpty
Letting this skunk numb me
So we gather round tight in a circle
And we pack in the energy
Past if off to he or she who's standing
To the next of me
First time trying just a different memory
Now this is my therapy
I'm attracted by the action of the ritual
The intake got me thinking critical
Ignoring storm warning
Like the song say, Cheech and Chong say
Take two of these
Pa** to the left like Beyonce
And call me in the morning
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[Chorus, Solo]
I'm not lost I'm just not here
It's all my own design
Floating through the atmosphere
What I've learnt could blow your mind
So we put it in the air
Any time
It's how we do on by
From up here see it all so clear
Cloudstreet got me feeling fine
Got me feeling fine
Got me feeling fine
It got me feeling fine, yeah
It got me feeling fine

[Verse 3, Jimmy Nice]
Criminal minded
Lifted out of my mind and
That faded that my old lady
Couldn't pick me out of a line up
Without my nightly spliff
Said my sh** is out of alignment
Climbing in and out of consciousness
Got these doctors advising
Street level pharmacist
Anonymously prescribing
Medicine I've been burning
Keep Ventolin on my person
At all times
Cos I've been asthmatic since like
Four or five and
Only son of a nurse
Who would tell me her tragic findings
In order to keep me enlightened
Or even better frightened
Too late like all my a**ignments
Court is bored on consignment
My breath is short and I'm tight
In the chest so I'm on autopilot
Smooth on every terrain like
We four wheel driving
Keep that sh** all in mind
While you hearing these verses
And you're the high one
Puffing joints in front of that joint
That you bought your Thai from
Kids from that Krylon era
Getting our rhyme on
Dedicated to those
Dedicating to getting their vibe, gone


Storm coming
You can see it in the clouds
Zig-zags on me homie
I can see it out
There's a
Storm coming
You can see it in the clouds
Zig-zags on me homie
I can see it out

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