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Nick Lupi - Birds of a Feather lyrics

One good shirt had us all fly

[Verse 1: Jimmy Nice & Nick Lupi]
Step inside the mind of a two one of a kind rhymers
Staring through the eyes of the soon to become flyer
Fly as the jacket on back of Bobby up on Norton
But it was more than how he dressing, they respect him, people knew him
Well f** it, I'm the new him, and I'm on a roll now
This here for the ones who held me down, who put me up, they down to what?
They down to roll, been with me since the fold out
They depend on me to guarantee the story's told
You see I didn't know where I was going just knew rap was gonna get me there
Linked up with Jimmy, there ain't no question who the freshest pair
Y'all know where it went from there, weed and revenge in the air
Watch how we getting it now, spend it there's plenty out there
Sharks in the water, ain't no leaks in the boat
In the moat, secret to keeping afloat, if you don't wanna
Be with someone that's busy then be with someone that's broke
I roll my weed, she roll her eyes and said, "Right now you looking both"
Okay, fair enough, tension flaring up
Speculation on my whereabouts, let me clear it up
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(Well, where we at?) In economy, pocket full of edibles
Crossing the Meridian, tryna move the decimal
My timing's impeccable, I mean surely we're getting close
To finding out how far, how low, we can go
They ain't stopped the boats, they're just using a cloak
The worse part of it is it keep on winning 'em votes
Okay, let's talk about legacy, what you leave when you go
Put this on in the winter when you gon' need it the most
It's less about the apparel, more how you handle those close
We in the business of winning together, birds of a feather
Over bruschetta we toast, one

[Pre-Chorus: Nick Lupi]
Pigeons getting none, Gretel with the crumb
I show you how it all begun

[Chorus: Jimmy Nice & Nick Lupi]
Kick you the realest game
If I got it, you got it, we thrash it then give it back to you when I wash it
We put you on it and kick you the realest
Kick you the realest game
If I got it, you got it, we thrash it then give it back to you when I wash it
The quality still remains

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