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Nick Lupi - 2042 COME UP lyrics

[Pre-Verse: Just Enuf]
Before I get the time to think bout what I should say
Let's play, let's play
Before I get the time to think bout what I should say
I'ma just say it

[Verse 1: Just Enuf]
I'm at the top of my game
Top of the morning to you and yours to you and yours
See me and mine keep it open plan
As you mature see fewer doors
Don't f** around, I'm hell advanced
You're flow come to mind when I mop the floor
That's a fire verse, April 1st
Trick, damn I make the flow switch
I've been on way too long to be messing with the when where what why
No sir f** what you feel
We stole pizza out of Bob Dylan's fridge
While off our lids in the hollywood hills
Back to the Roosey, stayed with some girls
That don't like lining up and they're holding a plate
Caroline cancelled her shift in the morning
I'm leaving at 8, down to go 48 straight

[Hook: Just Enuf (Nick Lupi)]
Can't say no, say no
What's it gonna be?
Can't say no (can't say no), say no
I got a plane though, put it all on me

[Pre-Verse Ad-Libs: Nick Lupi]
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

[Verse 2: Nick Lupi]
They call me the wolf of Wallace St
I'm on a streak, seats in the partners' box
Going hard, when the markets soft
Y'all cooked the books, but your margins off
(Man woo) We tryna get the day rate jumping
'Cause we got a pay day coming
If you ain't bringing no plate to the function
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You ain't got a place at the luncheon, you won't taste nothing
That's what I tell them
Got an uptown girl and she say I'm hot then cold like Melbourne
Her temper short like Selwyn
'Cause I meant to call but I seldom
If the Molly good, then we off the wall
On the floor, like Meldrum
Good to see an OG back on his feet
Last few years been a cat on heat
Scaled the back fence, land on my feet
I'm focused now, so its back to the beats
I made it out I guess, that's a relief
'Cause the game is f**ed up, too many dudes punching
Above their weight, or when they out late drunken
Either case, its just a waste of something
Trust, it's lights out when release day cometh
And I'm out

[Verse 3: Just Enuf]
f** that
Back to the house like I left the iron on
I'm feeling myself like I'm drying off
Snakes in the backyard gets the ride along
This the triathlon
I'm on the road, on a wave and I'm running sh**
Champagne James spill Mumm on tits
Other bands' rooms is where we gets the rider from
You don't wanna drink sh** dipsh**, I be on my bullsh** big sh**
Obese kid sh**
Signed contracts on the dotted line like I'm out racing for pinkslips
Whole scene littered with some "I'm gonna do it"
Came to it and they never really did sh**
Some would say that we should runaway
Ain't got an MBA but I know bad business, man

[Outro: Just Enuf]
It's One Day over everything
One good shirt had us all fly
Oh, we run the I-Dub, but don't get it twisted, we run Sydney too
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