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Nick LaFalce - This is the Place lyrics

Follow the signs
A trail of breadcrumbs I left with you in mind
Just as history's repeating
Which stories are you reading?
The facts or what you believe?

Violet eyes are slipping into
An ocean of blue (and they're expected to change)
As you made your great escape
You must have known the mess you'd make
If you're looking for signs
This is the place

Like a shadow in the night
You left and never said goodbye
You peeled the skin right off the rind
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Now that you let me know
Just remember to stay close
As gravity lets you go

Do you stop?
Do you ever stop?
Your heart begins to break
Because it's slipping away
I know it's slipping away (But now you found it)

I know it's all been slipping away
I know it's all been slipping away
I just don't know if I can take it
I'm bending to break

I know it's all been slipping away
But don't chase a mother into her grave
There's something more that you won't say
Yeah I know it so…

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