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N'fa - Make Moves (The Get Up) lyrics

Verse 1
There's no contesting, I'll crush your whole camp of actors
Like secrets, I'll leak the air out ya mattress
The fact is, the black market on stock trade
In fashion. Still when we march, the cops raid
I'll not fade or sway from my direction
Inflicting pain with my inner intention
My direction brings suspension
Like protesting students suspended beyond detention
Did I mention?.. We don't break rules we shatter them
I puncture lungs, cut tongues to cut chitter chattering
I'm adamant, I don't stop to breathe
I circulate like didgeree-doo's played by aborigine's
Original seed, native red dust
That you'll be forced to bite if you're breaking our trust
We creating a thrust like hot lovers at dusk
I adapt to any point like universal plugs because...
I won't be set up, its time to get up. Make moves, lift ya heavy head up
I won't be set up, its time to get up. Make moves, make moves
I won't be set up, its time to get up. Make moves, lift ya heavy head up
I won't be set up, its time to get up. Yeah you know we get down
Verse 2
I'm a soul shocker, warrior dance like Hakka
Call me papa, N'fa means father
It might worry your man how N'fa fight like Shaka-
Zulu- nationwide enterprise from down under
Yeah, I'm Mandingo/Creole
Mixed blood brother- Oz meets Sierra Leone
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I'll bury the bone, and while ya dogs sniffing it out
I'm on the peace pipe with my peeps, spliffing it out
You got a clip then you better empty that shit out
I bring peace, but I'll put your piece back in you mouth
You pussy gun talk M.C's don't impress me
The only time most of ya'll see a shel l is down at the beach
I'm down to impeach ya love like an ex
I'm vexed I see poverty and stress world wide, east west
South north. It's a foul force. If we don't rise as force
Then we're just whore's, waiting in all fours
Verse 3
It's a universal thing from hopeless goon scullers
To Verve toasters, who's crystal cups cling
To grown folk trying to get their pockets to ching
To adolescent adults who sulk, crying for bling
Arrested for assult, adding salt to their wounds
Like junkie mums to be, getting kicked in the womb
With pit-bull lock, bad lick be gripping to you
Too concerned with yaself you don't listen to crew
Like family mean nothing when family mean everything
More than work, church, boats, cars, or heavy rings
I know it hurt when you gotta let go
Its universal- like my diabolical flow
I know some heavy hitters, who don't care for the love
They never see god, cos they're never looking above
Too busy looking over they're shoulder
The hatred will fold ya soldier. I'm here to hold ya, I told ya....

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