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N'fa - Cause An Effect lyrics

Throw your hands in the sky with me
Put ‘em up like a dirty cop told you to freeze
Now close your hands to a fist and squeeze
If you represent freedom, and you fight for peace

[Verse 1]
It's the all out fall out, I'll come if you call
Run with it quick, I'm fitted fit, more fit then'm all
More fitter than them busty booty milfs at the mall
Milk leaking out the tit, I pounce quick and I maul
Them baller cats need to sit back in the bench
N'fa's the fresh breath amongst the virulent stench
The violence won't end, I document with biro or pen
Blood leaking, while their freaking ‘cause my rhymes are immense
I climb over or dig under any fence they erect
Break it down to a wreck without breaking a sweat
Call collect, collect debts owed and cash the checks
Mic check to check mate without saying jack shit
I smash it, mash your wack smash hit
Major record exec's flex prophylactics
Ready to bend you over ‘til your ass can't ever be mended
That's why N'fa stays independent

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2]
Get up, get up, man cause an effect
You know the rep, some say sleeps the cousin of death
But most folks sleep walk through life
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Eyes wide shut blinded by the big city lights
Some like to take life ‘cause they don't know the meaning
Like ‘em stick up kids, stressed out and fiending
With so many pressures, we're all so precious
We're all rock stars god bless us
I'm feeling the rush right now like when I'm up on stage
N'fa speaking loud ‘til the crowds in a rage
Pays a bonus, I got a bonus for her
Limbs gripping, sweat dripping all over her curves
And honey bunny don't care for me money
That's why your giving me money, the irony is kinda funny
Wheels squeal when the pigs fly by
And like the moons gravitational pull, N'fa's here to change the tide

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 3]
I represent those struggling to pay tax, struggling to eat
Amidst fat aristocrats we can't make ends meet
I represent the lonely working, searching for more
Suffering at the bottom, I'm here to settle the score
I dead the phonies jerking off at the tip top
Trying to define, and make guide lines for hip hop
Its fee form so to hell with conformers
I'm raw, I stand tall, check my live performance
I grab my balls and I spit on the floor
Throw a fist for freedom to shock all ya'll
No 50/50. If you ain't with me then fuck all ya'll
If your with me let me hear you roar, come on now

[Hook] (x2)

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