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N'fa - Blessings lyrics

Verse 1
I've had so many close friends in my life time
God ble ssed me with friends of a life time
The light shines upon me, I swear
My friends show me the sphere when I declare that I'm trapped in a square
Now for real, some friends changed for worse
Some found jails cells, some found church through a church- rest in peace
Some changed forever, found peace
Found love, found worth, found who they wanted to be
Some friends will turn on each other and feud for so long
Ya worst enemy is the best friend that does you wrong
The same song continues looping over
Caught in a haze between drunk and being sober
Grown older but I'm still the same
They all look at me different, but its them who changed- I'm sure of it
And I'm sure I can't be sure of a lot but I know
Is I intend to keep my life long friends close cos...
We live in a world of dead ends...
Where people cut you off before ya journey begins
And its hard to listen in to the voices within
So I say it's a blessing, yeah I say it's a blessing if you can trust family and friends
-Count your blessings... You have your friends
Verse 2
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Some of my best friends, have been my girlfriends
Current or Ex-friends I'll love them til the world ends
The world spins like my mind on its axis
And no matter how hard we chase time, time will always catch us
Pain pricks like syringes
We dream big, til small failures make us lose interest
But fuck that, I get up and move
That's like telling me to stop freedom fighting cos I got bruised
You better knock me the fuck out... Or at least concussed
Cos I'm a revolutionary and I won't let up
No I won' t give up my heart
Life's a prac-test, we sit with no practice, trying to pass
Savoring the last drops of an empty flask
Like an alcoholic begging for some turps to grasp
Sunk deep into a hole that's blacker than black
Absorbed by the loneliness aligned with that
I'm finding that bright light at the end
Discovering that the light I'm following is shone by my friends
-shone by them... They light the way for me, cos
Shout outs- Styalz, Peril, and Kem. My bro Kabba. One love forever
Yes yes. All My Friends. Troy Hightower. We keep stepping right. We keep moving
One love. You have your friends

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