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N'fa - Pemulwuy lyrics

Wake Up
You There?
Wake Up
I am forever unknown
You can never understand the truth of anything about me
No matter what is written as labels and stones or thoughts
From something only those above the clouds see
A brown tree was failed to form the bounty
Which brought those to the land that we know
The sad thing is that we expelled a native mind so great and fine that it could separate self from ego
Ego is the belief that we are more than the sky above or the land beneath our ever softened feet
So weak that we can barely speak or breathe without needing to believe that we can control everything we think we perceive
When reality be
That we be spinning out of control in a spiral
Lonely at the end of the vinyl [?]
It's now primal fear gone viral
Yet for survival we claim to false idols
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Clutching glossy magazine, korans and bibles
Bibles taught never to tell that heaven and hell are not locations
But the inner realm of consciousness and true self relations
The contemplation listen to your outer thoughts as they talk shit in your ear
Try to separate yourself from the voice in you ear is far more clear
Only then will you realise that this fear is neither here nor even our conscious thought
Only then will it disappear along with the constant noise of the mind that we have not yet learned to lessen
Heaven and Hell are not destinations, nor freedom, nor prisons
It's clear from creation man and earth have always been one, expanding and evolving
As we rocket towards the sun
So as the world changes and rearranges
We in turn turn with it the question is
Will we let go of our Ego and ascend the end?
Or will we simply burn in it?

Wake Up
Wake Up

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