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Nezz Kid - Dead or Deaf lyrics

Feat : Emkay

Mk production ,
[Verse: 1 ] eMkay:
How is it ? , to feel like I'm failing you
The worse part is , I feel like I'm not dating you
Where is the person I know ?
If she is gone ,
Just tell me ,where did she go ?
" Come on mesuli , I think u are loosing ur brain "
What do you expect ?, when I'm too stressed and I feel like I got head of a train
My heart is looking at me funny,
What!!!, don't tell me i am the one to blame
You are the one who choosed to take what we had to the drain
" look mesuli I understand.... "
Shhh !!! Shut up, don't tell me that u feel the pain
Nobody get's me
" but baby I do "
Shhh !!! Shut up , stop acting like you are the saint
Coz nobody is
I trust no one ,
So music is the only brother I have
Which means this mic is part of my family
You take it away , I'm coming to find you
[Hook] : Nezz_kid
I never thought u could break my heart like that
What I know wheel goes around , you will never stay on top like that
Enjoy you moment while it last , coz when it my turn you will never smile like that
Now its my turn
Wait , u seem cold
Are u dead or deaf (hold up)
Dead or deaf (come on just breath)
Come on , are u dead of deaf
Dead or deaf
Plz just wake up
[Verse 2]: eMkay :

OK back to the track now
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It's time for the facts now
I thought I could trust you
In fact what was the thing that I was going to do
You made me to love you
And yeah I was , really loyal to you
But u saw ur self as a slay Queen
But, did I act like im coming from a Royal to you ?
What is a definition of love
Coz I guess definition of love it's something we look at differently
I thought you are different
Mhh!!! , its funny when u say boys are dogs
But you not acting differently
You must be puppies
What is the mission are u trying to accomplish ? , is it to break my heart ?
Well, think again
I'm not going there again
Even if i feel so much pain just tell me ,
What are u going to gain ?
" nothing " , I think your love is coming out from your brain
Being a yellow bone ,I could see it in ur vain
But why don't u use it on me , why did u just waste it in a rain
" but baby can we try again"
Its too late now , what we had u choosed to take it to the drain
Welcome to the dark side of life now
U see how scary is it ?
" CAN somebody light for me "
Sorry sweetheart seems like the are no switches ( damn)
I'm used to this life now ,
I don't care if u compare me with one of the Witches (evil)
But be warned stop judging me like you are the one of the riches
" am I still alive ?, can somebody pinch me "
" what is a right way to life ? , can somebody teach me "
Wow u just made me to laugh
"Come on mesuli , I don't need someone to tease me "
Well you just made your bed now lie on it
Sleep tight( ha ha ha)
[Hook]: Nezz_kid

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