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Taking significant influence from the no-frills attack of '80s hardcore heroes like Black Flag and Minor Threat, Orlando-based New Mexican Disaster Squad began aggressively spitting their own abrasive punk at a new generation of rockers in 1999. Getting straight to work, the band had issued their first 7", Weapons and Equipment of Counter-Terrorism, by the end of the year. Comprising Sam Johnson (vocals/guitar), Brian Etherington (guitar), Alex Goldfarb (bass), and Richard Minino (drums), the quartet got together an eight-song demo in 2000 to sell at shows, with several of the songs later appearing on a split release with Orlando peers Destination Daybreak. Quickly becoming exasperated with their hometown's lukewarm local scene, the guys remedied the situation by hitting the nation's highways non-stop. Building a name for themselves through constant touring, they issued the LP Abrasive Repulsive Disorder on Breaker Breaker Records before coming to the attention of A-F. A self-titled album appeared on the label in 2003; the following year birthed a split No Idea release with San Francisco's Western Addiction. Late 2005 saw New Mexican Disaster Squad hooking up with Jade Tree, and their furious label debut, Don't Believe, appeared the following May. ~ Corey Apar, All Music Guide

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