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Nero da Tres Six - Hellbound lyrics

[Intro: Sample]
It has been written since the beginning of time even unto these ancient stones, that evil, supernatural creatures exist in a world of darkness, the demons of hell

[Intro: Cinik**]
Nero, Cinik**, and Nataslive on the beat

[Verse 1: Nero]
[?] 12 gauge
[?] create demonic rhymes [?]
Mind same range land to the bloody is out [?]
Just concerned about to [?]
Shooting up [?]
So much so one-sided pentagram to be a devil slave
Finally over goes to capturing creditors [?]
I sidewalk and held [?]

[Verse 2: Cinik**]
I'm protect the devil I was buried in the [?]
An slaughter in the dark and scream like Aaron Neville
[?] marks on your body parts
[?] shark [?]
Take a walk the pickets, it worshipped Wes Craven
Freddy vs. Jason, [?]
Don't carry the undead, when the shadows in your bed
Are going to [?], a popping out of heads
[Lyrics from: https:/]
[?] f**ing problem [?]
I habitat, marriage [?]

[Verse 3: Nataslive]
Hellbound demons in the [?] of feast of the blood cells
Shooting pistols in your mouth but you wanna gun shells
On the mob from it schools, [?] the blood pools
Eating lamb, after lamb, like the Charleston Chews
[?], screwdriver then take out teeth
Up late night hunting mics with the [?]
Drinking blood like a Sunny Delight
Were held down living the government [?]
To the underground crown [?]
Rip off my lips on the [?] on my mouth
Brain snow equals [?]
Motion to train [?]
Quit smoking [?]
Cause it's more time [?]
Goldmine a torturous low-priced
Were [?]

[Outro: Nataslive]
Cin One k**, Nataslive

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