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Nero da Tres Six - Cannibal Holocaust lyrics

[Intro: Nataslive]
Nataslive, King Natas
Cinik**, Deranged Beats
Cannibal Holocaust

[Verse 1: Nataslive]
The way these wraps are building on the skin off your back
So hungry that I think my girlfriend's [?] place
Isn't raining so you got a reason to faint
I'm euphoric when I'm seeing human beings and paint
The needle contains this is the Cannibal Holocaust
I remaining and traumatic for mama [?]
Possible obstacle for superhero [?]
[?] our damina isn't able bodies the flesh [?]
Heater making the painting your risk appendages talk
[?] Michael Corleone from illegal
When your body's when we collect your token [?]
Cutting out pictures face off, stitches on the baseball
Card on record in the radar
So pretty hard [?] it's like okay
Because I hanging with a good mother moment I suppose
Like I'm Jason one and only open [?]
Your body and tell me you're looking for shorts
With your document in [?] your brain
Every cannibal [?] Deranged Beats

[Chorus: Nataslive]
Training edges arm so pledge affecting [?]
Really still never catch him when we get [?]
On the words [?]

[Verse 2: Cinik**]
[?] surpa** the gun blast constantini
Dumba** I'm pa**ing previous victims in the rehabs
The burning ladies Mercedes all over Hati
So when they hit the pipe they're giving everyone babies
Tiny chicks in line it's [?]
Pirates entirety village up your [?]
That she has the phone with my Katie Jones
Dr. Jeff is in the building industry bloody [?]
Pretty necrophiles as the Sun is the tiles
Are Cinik** the man they introduce you to the file
On my hazard, listen to the equal pastor grammar
Directing info team has like Michael Ironside [?]
Heirlooms are bringing the dooms like eating a PS rooms
Of talking sh** to my moms and sacrificing raccoons
She deserved the greatest many people vacation
Cannibals and discuss [?] you the demon pages


[Interlude 1]

[Verse 3: Grimey J]

[Verse 4: Casacas]

[Verse 5: Skull Bludgeon]
Bloody relations, it's time to sacrifice
[?] will never run out to strike
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Down your loved one [?], ready to start a fire
And throw a minute, expiry site of Mormon Foreman
Lost in a basement, [?] lacerations operation
[?] experiment gone wrong [?]
With a machete in hand, ready to swing it
[?] demons, slice your f**ing chest wide open
[?] spring and grab my cock and rainier gag
I'm an animal, feeding on the blood like the least
Zombie cannibal [?], right off your face, faggot

[Interlude 2]

[Verse 6: Nero]
[?] f**ed up
[?] competing sides your brain
Can't stopped the register way to complain
[?] jumping the plane
Have slain the dragon body bagging [?]
Got my boss dragging toe dick sagging
[?] imagine break [?]
Red moon surprising violin called the horsemen
Demons in my vision that envisions the concision
We've got a victim number 12 Norwegian
Can't stop the bleeding [?]
b**h stopped screaming are you feeling [?]
Now the crime scene into battle believe it
Just educated [?] with the case
Go on [?] all the trees to leave it
So snatched and teeth and perpetrator of beating
Some songs [?]
So I thinking like a falcon was a minute [?]
Get your companion like them [?] happened
Get a clapping face slapping straight captain

[Verse 7: Skeet Rez]
Roll around the way, smoking on the game
[?] get to the group, [?]
And sh**, [?]

[Verse 8: AA]
[?], effectively
Mutilate your body probably why you perform
Sodomy you're dead courses comedy, she goes all
Looking at everyone else when the shadows in the dark
You want to see us you better be discreet
Already stead, are halfway to disease
When you lay down to sleep and maybe it's coming get you the power you
Within you dreams, you ain't see your message
Of reality begins, in the end of your life
And be taken out by your wife tonight with a butcher knife
Look like condemning all your hooker types
From the evening to the night, I'm leaving that I might
Want to stick your screen with this night, believe me I'm trying
This for horrorcore scene is out of sight, we got the whole damn
Click on his track it's like a stick up in fact
I for all sick of the past, they were claiming rap now
For this horror sh** b**h will spit some sick sh**
Cannibal holocaust, leave you dead in a ditch
Situations application murder in the first
Chicken wire around your neck and stuff you in a hearse, [?]
Great sk**s and a woman it takes attack pursed

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