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Neon Horse - Kick Yer Askin' For It lyrics

(Whatchoo lookin at?!?!)
(Keep your tongue behind your teeth, man...)

The loosest of cannons.
The loosest of screws.
Monkey in the wrench, baby.
I love what I do.

It's the end of the world.
So beautiful and so pure.
Keep your diamonds and gold.
We'll watch it all unfold and come undone.
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(Open up on you like a flower)
(I can go all day!)

I'm the horn - not the bull, see?
I'm the ache in the tooth.
Pain in your a**ssssskin' for it!
Not a thing you can do.

(Ugly as a mud fence)
(Whatchoo lookin at?!?!)
(A face no mother could love!)

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