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Neno Calvin - Living A Dream lyrics

[Verse 1: Neno Calvin]

I'm sick with this shit
Really my thoughts just be screamin like there I go trippin again
Pull up in something you see me just thinkin bout when the next time we gon kick it again
Stop for a minute i'm piffin' again
Reckless and back on that ignorant shit
Hustle til I come up. If I gotta pull a gun out, pop with me so that mean you gotta get it again
Balance it right, i'm talkin' bout life
She look at me twice then we boning tonight
She say she like girls but don't call her a dyke
Pick who you like and let's call it a night
Whenever I want I rock all of my ice
You win or you lose but that's all in the dice
Might get a lot but that's all in the price
She like what I do and I do what I like
Grindin till I come up, roll a blunt up
Tell me bout a bitch and imma tell you what I done to her
Magnolia nigga. Can't fold won't crumble
The birds fly way down south for the summer
Niggas kill each other in the jungle for the money
The hoes that i'm fuckin' yeah I know they not for me
They say it ain't funny till you laughin with money
I know my block gon be so proud that I done it

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[Verse 2: Mike G]

Nah homie, don't let up a bit
Put your niggas in a van, go get it and split
Watch me find new ways to invent
Hear my engine so loud like it's hittin the shift
I got a bad bitch, say she wanna commit to me
Heartbreak is not intentionally done
But in the streets, I'm a beast. I got a sick wrap sheet
With tracks so fire, make heat when my bass beats
I don't care if i'm the one that they envy
I stay rocking my Adidas like DMC
I can't even say I can't see, why the haters wanna alleviate me
See it's all in the cards, you lookin at stars
I hit em hard you should put up your guard
You may have some shit you not fuckin with ours
You may lose yourself on the search for applause
Cause, everybody want respect, checks, more sex, Rolex's
So reckless, I get more tickets than coat checks
More numbers than Rolodex's
In the club so long I don't know where the exit is
Baby can you lift up your dress a bit
Can't you see, you caught me in a different element
There is no guide to living a dream
I just know the main thing is giving your best at this

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