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Nekromantix - I'm A Hellcat lyrics

my heart's on fire got flames down my spine
been there done that i walked the line
don't give a damn
about what people think or say
if you don't like what you see get outta my way

i'm a child of the night free as a bat
come on little birdies
meet the devil's p**y cat...
i do what i want and say what i like
if you can't take the heat go take a hike

i'm a hellcat f** edermandme all the way
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psycho to the bone fandme hey hey hey
got punk rock blood running in my veins
the rockabilly disease eating up my brains

rattlesnake bitemarks creeping up
my backbone
rockabilly kickstart
cracking up my headstone

writing circles in my desert sand
fever's burning in my head
a rattlesnake is sleeping at my hand
we're about to raise the dead...

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