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Nekromantix - Flowers Are Slow lyrics

There's a seed on Satan's lawn
In the heat it grows so strong
Eternal Anguish
On this lawn where we belong

Be cautious watch your step
And don't awake the wrath and hate
Don't fall behind
Keep it up and tag along
There's no chance for escape
From this the dark lord's estate
You better swallow your pride
And accept your fate

The poisoned soil of pain
Keeps you confined in his domain
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Don't ever trust a snake's advise
Bite the apple let the nightmares materialize!

See them suffer, hear them shriek
Roses might be pretty, but they're also weak
The smell is sweet, but leaves a bitter taste
Flowers are slow, weeds make haste

There's a seed on Satan's lawn
More powerful than any thorn
It grows, apace
And feeds on grief and mourn

There's no way you can hide
In this field of beezlebub
You better get past your suburbia
And join the club!

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