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Nekromantix - Fantazma lyrics

Goodnight my sweet love, she whispers and touched me
I closed my eyes and her tears down her cheek land on my chin
Oh no no no
The night I k**ed her she swore she would come back for me
She said I can't be dead without you, I'll haunt you 'til you swing from that tree

The only way out is d**h I realized as time goes by
I have to give in to her ghastly demand to see me hang high
Oh no no no
Every night I get a visit from her disembodied soul
Her restless ghost wants me to pay for the life I stole
All she wants is to watch me hanging
See me dangling
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At the end of a rope from the old apple tree

Oh so gently she puts a rope around my neck
She a**ures me the pain will be over in a sec
Oh no no no
d**h is forever, life is not and soon we'll be
Together in spirit for always and for eternity

Watch us hanging
See us dangling
At the end of the ropes from the old apple tree
Watch us hanging
See us dangling
Side by side now, my soul mate Fantazma and me

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