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Nekromantix - Struck By A Wreckin' Ball lyrics

Beer number 1
Off to the show tonight
I'm hanging out with the zombie crew
I'm armed with cash
And my fake I.D.
Standing in line
Buzzed by beer number 2
After beer number 3
All girls look so hot
Trying to make out
With some chick
In the parking lot
Beer number 4, 5, 6, and 7
Now I'm wasted
Feels like I've gone to heaven

Wrecked out of hell
Me and the devil gives a f**
Bloody knees
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And broken elbows/neck
That's when I know that I'm
struck... by a wreckin' ball

Beer number 8, my favorite band is on
I bought a t-shirt
I want them to sign
Diving into the pit
On the dance floor
While finishing beer number 9
After beer number 10 now it's time to go
My friend says:
"Don't take the car"
I say: "Whatever bro"
Beer 11 and 12
Of course I can drive
Beer 13
Was the last thing I did alive


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