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Neil Engle - Through The Eyes Of Uriel lyrics

On the edge of reason, beyond understanding
Silent she waits, perfect oblivion
She's crawling to the end, perfect oblivion

[Verse 1]
I live behind mirrors within a prison without any bars
Yet I remain lost to the world
In hell I'm suspended within a prism
So many walls, so many years, so many lives
Too often I've watched them die

Images of yesterday feeling so far away

I can't let go of the past, the years, the sweet romance
I am a ticking time bomb waiting in a trance
I need you more tonight than you will ever know
I swear to never forget this heartbreaking dance

[Verse 2]
The hell of being trapped is simply not a match for d**h
Heaven awaits
Now I know not to be afraid of the end
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My love awaits, will you be there? Take me away
I'm ready, I'll be home soon



Beautiful pure silence, come on! Embrace me
Sweet perfect nothing swallow my fears, come on!
If I had just one wish I'd choke prophets (Ba dah ba ba dah ba bah) hang angels, burn children
Oh, I'd drink oceans, eat the moon, flood the world, end everything

Breathe in, breathe out
We could run far away but then how would we sleep at night?

I've been looking for the words to say our last goodbyes
Hold on to fleeting hopes that I just might survive

Give in to the pleasure
Make it last forever
Hold on hold on to everything we are

Give in to the pleasure
Make it last forever

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