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Neil Engle - The Acolyte lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dead and lost with tired faces
Antiquated pa**ion laid to rest
Wake up!
No smiles for the memories we have
Rotting with the corpses of our past
Please wake up!
Here we stand left in the dark! Kick back!
Here we are screaming for help! Strike back!
Do you think that we have a fighting chance?
Shall we dance on the wings of hope
And together fly through the sky?
We are not living for this!
I will take back what is ours!

Stand up coward!
Dear God, scream it like you mean it!
No time to rest for sleep beckons the weak

Darling, please understand and listen, this is insane
This can't be it, I don't think I am ready for goodbyes
If you leave, if we try to finish what we began
I don't think I can bring you back
So kiss me before you go and whisper three sweet words

[Verse 2]
There must be something that I missed, pieces drift away
I wish I could think outside of the box now, solve the riddle
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No stone will be left unturned
With God as my witness I will find a way
To slow, to beat the wheels of time
I wake up beside you and we smile, oh foolishness



Shatter the hourgla**
Dissect the universe
Tear through reality
Rearrange the stars above

Open your eyes
And gaze the skies above a world that we have made
Blood, sweat, and tears, ions and years
We're building a utopia (a utopia) a utopia (a utopia)

Yet I still remain in this cursed place
So far from my dreams
This must be hell! I will escape!
Burn it to the ground
Tear it brick from brick
Till there's nothing left but a hole in the sky



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