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Neil Engle - Fatal Optimist lyrics

[Verse 1]
I miss counting the stars
And I miss the way you kiss me
I miss the way you touch me
I miss calling you mine
Baby you know who I am
And there's nobody I'd rather dance with in the moonlight
I just want to go back

I fear the emptiness will swallow me whole
This is my confession

I am no hero and I'm not a saint
I can't save the world
And I never asked for this
In your eyes I see the questions I don't have the answers for
Arise suspicious minds

[Verse 2]
You told yourself I was pure, certain that I would save you
But if it crosses your mind that I was saving myself
Remind yourself that I'm dangerous!
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Maybe I'm not as honest as it seems, a siren dressed in silk
Maybe I'm just selling a lie, a villain in disguise



[Verse 3: Melissa Milke]
I don't know if I'm praying, I don't know if I'm begging
But I have to believe that someone
Something out there can hear me
I have to know that there is a chance
I have to believe that I might escape this hell
I fear I've lost myself and I don't know the way back
The way back to what I once was
Am I Fatima? Am I Rusalka? Or am I just me? Sweet, innocent Annabel

Star crossed lovers in strife embracing on a battlefield
Giving in to the fight, changing at the speed of light
Time to move on to another night
Time to move on to another fight


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