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Neil Engle - Catharsis lyrics

This is the final act
Please take your seats
This is the moment that you've been waiting for
This is gonna be a wild ride!

[Verse 1]
Your telltale heart is beating, unstable minds descend
I'm through trying to reach you, I am the emptiness
Our love will nevermore attach your soul to mine
You don't understand, time is on my side now baby
And time is running out

Do not believe in imitations, we have to crave a masterpiece beneath the ink
We're falling for the fiction, there's more than meets the eye

The end is dawning
The sun is setting on a silent mourning
Our stars aligning as universes shatter time
I'm resisting reality

I remember when, my love, you could stop time with just a smile
Save it for tomorrow, my love
I'll regret those words forever more

[Verse 2]
I danced with our accuser, murderer from the start
Climbed out of Tartarus for one last night with you
You don't understand we are poetry now, baby
But time is running out

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[Chorus] + [Pre-Chorus]

I must be dreaming, I drop the knife, turn and see you
You can't be me
I can't be you

Oh my God! Where am I?
Let me go! Let me go!
Save me from this nightmare!
Annabel?! I can not be lying there!

My ‘Bel, you know you're the cause of this?!
If you had not left me then he would not have lost his mind
If you're seeking forgiveness you have come to the wrong place

The compa** spins
What's that feeling in your stomach
First a flutter now a shudder
Creeping up your spine and now you know that something's not right

Something lurking something peering inching closer inching closer
Trying not to think about it trying not to think about it
It's here!

Foregrounds burst to nothing
As symmetry explodes
The Artist screams and beauty dies, his canvas rends
While his easel burns
He's lost everything in but one cruel instant existence swept away
Did man even notice as he was erased?
Have you ever actually seen yourself without a mirror?

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