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Nego True - Spoken Word lyrics

True, it's Nego
Hear my pain

See, there's certain codes I was raised by
And they refused to understand us cause we refused to change our standards
My little sister used to question why my room always had packages in it
And under my mattress was different
I hope they understand what we came from before they judge us, NFA was a one-off so
We were in court with the gloves off, never told Mum what we told Dad cause
She couldn't understand that what we'd done was to save us
Forgive us before you forget us
Lead us before you neglect us
I guess we raised us in this town, some went jail, some got laid in the ground and
Some changed up just to get change in this town
They labelled us a unit
But we called each other family
I heard girls deny they were raised in this place
Queens lost their crowns on a block staircase and
Bluetooth got me that footage back in Year 8
I ain't saying no names
But we were raised here
We made heroes out of the olders, then we grew up and realised there was nothing they could show us
They used the money to control us, the rep just to hold us
I told my brother forget the town, do you and stay focused
And forget girls
Cause round here they're either someone's little sister or someone's baby mother
We've seen skets rebrand and then try to trap their brothers
In fact, scrap speaking on this subject
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When your son comes home with a permission slip for a lesson trip
You can't pay the school with a ten of piff
What I'm tryna tell you is rep won't pay your bills and the ends won't feed your kids
I lost friends to this postcode split
The road ting's sh**
Probably why I ain't involved in it, I'm the good guy but
Since '07 guys are still tryna tell me who I can and can't talk to
I don't owe this town and I definitely don't owe you
Every issue seems to start with P
I can't take another RIP
My girl always says I never really talk and I don't put how I feel in statuses no more, everything's changed
I only put it in the music
You hear my pain
I had Ash living with me before he went jail, f** road
So I gotta make it before he comes home
I need to make it out before Chucks comes home
Ignore the views, ignore the buzz
I made a living off of what I love
Please don't take this as a boast, this is just talk
I'm planning a five city tour, I've never been nobody's support act
So when you talk bad, remember what I did, what the flip is a diss track?
I remember going into overdraft to order a Big Mac
Now my only stress is if my girl's present should be gift wrapped
I'll give my brother everything even though we don't look alike
Tell my little sister we're five shows from leaving the hood behind
Even though I failed English Literature in school, it doesn't bother me
Cause now they study my poems in anthologies
Hear my pain, True

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