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Nef da Pharaoh - Big Tymin' lyrics

We up to 40 on the opposite
And we droppin' niggas
Ya'll squad wannabes
Ya'll really not them niggas
(Ya'll not them niggas, man)
(Ya'll fakers)

Ooh, I'm ballin' like Baby
These bitches they wanna have my baby
I'm fresh like Mannie
That's why a fuck nigga can't stand me
Bitch I'm big tymin'
Bitch I'm, bitch I'm, bitch I'm big tymin'
(Bitch I'm big tymin')
Bitch I'm big tymin'
Bitch I'm, bitch I'm, bitch I'm big tymin'
(Bitch I'm big tymin')

[Verse 1]
Ex hot boy and now I'm gettin' cash money
Don't fuck with broke hoes cause they don't get no cash from me
We up to 40 on the opposite, we droppin' niggas
Ya'll squad wannabes, ya'll really not them niggas
I know you see me grindin'
I don't rock no Rollie cause my time is timeless
Why you chippin' off racks on that bitch?
I'm tuckin' money in the safe for my kid
And I'm good in the hood, fuck boys needa pass
Never tell that girl the truth, I'ma lie to her ass
Word to my baby momma she'll swear I wasn't shit
But I'm the father of the year, and she will tell you that I'm him
Fuck a hoop dream, I am way above the rim
Pool full of weed, and I'ma take a swim
If she ain't textin' 'bout no money, I ain't readin' it
I'ma get some head and I'ma beat it
Girl, I ain't eatin' shit
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[Verse 2]
I got everything in my momma name
It's still the same game, ain't shit changed
I, need a project bitch
One that could roll up and take that dick
I'm in her jaws like a pack of the Halls though
Me and my niggas hit the mall and get our ball on
Backwoods, that's a go zone
You got a Swisher, back back nigga hold on
Everybody get your roll on
And you lovin' that thot that's a no no
Pimps up hoes down, you know I get around
Big tymin' on these niggas with that Neffy sound
I'm becomin' famous and I love it
I got bitches wanna fuck me out in public
In the Escalade with the porno showin'
Up and down and up they goin'


Rock Jordan shoes
With the Bathing Ape camo suit
I'm not tryna flex but I'm still fly

[Verse 3]
They be like "Neffy, what up?"
"You gettin' money?" (Oh yeah)
"You with the shit?" (Oh yeah)
"You keep it lit?" (Oh yeah)
"You havin' fun?" (Oh yeah)
"You got your gun?" (Oh yeah)
"You throwin' ones?" (Oh yeah)
"You stackin' huns?" (Oh yeah)


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