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Nef da Pharaoh - Big Tymin' lyrics

We up to 40 on the opposite
And we droppin' n***as
Ya'll squad wannabes
Ya'll really not them n***as
(Ya'll not them n***as, man)
(Ya'll fakers)

Ooh, I'm ballin' like Baby
These b**hes they wanna have my baby
I'm fresh like Mannie
That's why a f** n***a can't stand me
b**h I'm big tymin'
b**h I'm, b**h I'm, b**h I'm big tymin'
(b**h I'm big tymin')
b**h I'm big tymin'
b**h I'm, b**h I'm, b**h I'm big tymin'
(b**h I'm big tymin')

[Verse 1]
Ex hot boy and now I'm gettin' cash money
Don't f** with broke hoes cause they don't get no cash from me
We up to 40 on the opposite, we droppin' n***as
Ya'll squad wannabes, ya'll really not them n***as
I know you see me grindin'
I don't rock no Rollie cause my time is timeless
Why you chippin' off racks on that b**h?
I'm tuckin' money in the safe for my kid
And I'm good in the hood, f** boys needa pa**
Never tell that girl the truth, I'ma lie to her a**
Word to my baby momma she'll swear I wasn't sh**
But I'm the father of the year, and she will tell you that I'm him
f** a hoop dream, I am way above the rim
Pool full of weed, and I'ma take a swim
If she ain't textin' 'bout no money, I ain't readin' it
I'ma get some head and I'ma beat it
Girl, I ain't eatin' sh**
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[Verse 2]
I got everything in my momma name
It's still the same game, ain't sh** changed
I, need a project b**h
One that could roll up and take that dick
I'm in her jaws like a pack of the Halls though
Me and my n***as hit the mall and get our ball on
Backwoods, that's a go zone
You got a Swisher, back back n***a hold on
Everybody get your roll on
And you lovin' that thot that's a no no
Pimps up hoes down, you know I get around
Big tymin' on these n***as with that Neffy sound
I'm becomin' famous and I love it
I got b**hes wanna f** me out in public
In the Escalade with the p**no showin'
Up and down and up they goin'


Rock Jordan shoes
With the Bathing Ape camo suit
I'm not tryna flex but I'm still fly

[Verse 3]
They be like "Neffy, what up?"
"You gettin' money?" (Oh yeah)
"You with the sh**?" (Oh yeah)
"You keep it lit?" (Oh yeah)
"You havin' fun?" (Oh yeah)
"You got your gun?" (Oh yeah)
"You throwin' ones?" (Oh yeah)
"You stackin' huns?" (Oh yeah)


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