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Brooklyn-based hardcore rapper Necro raised the bar for perversity in the late '90s and early 2000s with his music and films. Influenced by d**, gore, p**nography, and violence, Necro set out to incorporate these themes into his rapping. He effectively did so on his debut full-length, I Need Drugs (2000). The album featured drug songs (the title track, which is an interpolation of LL Cool J's "I Need Love"), gore songs ("Your f**ing Head Split"), p**n songs ("Get on Your Knees"), and violent songs ("The Most Sadistic"). Moreover, Necro directed a video for "I Need Drugs" that featured people shooting up h**n and smoking crack while he rapped, and he also included lots of bizarre photos in the album's booklet. br /br /Necro began his own label, Psycho Logical Records, and created a website,, to market his music and movies. Following his debut album, Necro released a series of albums compiling random recordings of his from the '90s (mostly radio-aired freestyle performances and home demos) and followed up I Need Drugs with Gory Days (2001), a similarly exploitative effort. His films -- 187 Reasons Y (1997), The Devil Made Me Do It (1998) -- are just as perverse, if not more, modeled after old-school gore films as well as snuff and p**n. Unsurprisingly, Necro aligned himself with various p**nographers and began marketing their goods on his website as well, extending his brand name as far as he could. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide