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Nea - Dark Jedi lyrics

[Chorus: Electronic Jack x Nea]
Peace is a lie, there is only pa**ion
Through pa**ion, I gain strength
Through strength, I gain power
Through power, I gain victor

[Verse One: Electronic Jack]
I don't need shock factor. It's a known fact that going against me is like being
In a bath tub with Blanka from Street Fighter. I can set up an M-16 Carbine
And line it from two buildings behind. Clip your spine and have you fall from the sky on wind chimes;
And I'm an activist for crimes. Making money off of wars. Only the strong survive and I decide to k** in doors
My right arm can morph into a sword. Send you to your lord, cause a many-a-divorce, the more maimed, the more tortured
k**ing the mainstream, because I control the wave. And a million against me is what I call a fair fight fair that
Happens every day. My name is what I represent. Justice. Mundane to a limp. Call me a malevolent scrimp, but I'll
Make fish sticks out of you, trick. Askin' me to respond to a diss by Mike the Scientist, might cause violence
The day I say Hi to Isaac is the day I shut my eyelids and let you trash talk and walk. I'll smash your skull
With a hockey puck, untuck my gat and give you two bucks in the ballpark mud


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[Verse Two: Jaygo]
I'm the anomaly of this divine comedy come and see somethin' different, you feelin' my sh**, you honor me
I'm tellin' my lady how fellatio is comforting. Although I may be lecherous, my lyrics are astronomy
You judgmental and heated up when it come to me. I think you just sad and misery loves company
Humbly let me tell you, don't bring all that sh** in front of me. I spurn negativity...I smile through eternity
Damn...I sharpening my wisdom. In addition, I've been tryin' to widen my vision. On a sh** on all my
Competition. I swing hard, I don't win by decision. Chill in the cut, see my home's an incision, and verbally I
Traverse stars at far distance. Lyrically I spit time bombs wit' clocks ticking. Physically I f** up a track...
Shovin' a dick in


[Verse Three: Bee]
Yo, everybody wants to know. Some have noticed, I've gotten cold. I guess I'll address all this stress in this flow
Before I blow. Don't know how much more I can take. Dealing with these punk a** fakes. I never claimed to be no saint
But at least my mistakes were honestly made. All my life I wanted to be above to word 'slut' and 'ho'. Didn't want have
To have to cope with being an average face in the crowd, oh no. But I guess it goes to show whatever you love will either
Love you back or destroy you. Yeah, that's a fact. Goddamn lesson learned. God damn indeed. In him, I used to f**ing believe
Motherf**ing MC Bumble Bee. The realest MC you've ever damn seen, b**hes! Yeah

Dark Jedi!

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