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Ne-Yo - She Knows (Remix) lyrics

Ft: The-Dream, T-Pain & Trey Songz

[Verse 1: The-Dream]
What's up with that rabbit?
What's up with that rabbit?
She good well if she good with that a** all over my carrot
Took her straight to Paris
[?] before the
Soon as I pull it down, I swear they wanna get married
Damn, damn, I swear these girls [?] damn
Damn, damn, I swear my n***as go ham
First they start off bougie, they [?]
Then she let me touch her, now we f**ing

[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
She knows, I been waiting just to dick her down
I told my partner Ne-yo hit me when she come around
And Imma tear that body up
Anytime she walk in, she tear the party up
Time and time time again, any city any club
She know what's up, she know she dope
Body like d**, and I need another dose
Baby putting on a show
No matter how much she do I want some more
She got cla** with that a**, when she hit the floor
She knows, oh yeah that's for sure

[Pre-Chorus 1: Ne-Yo]
She loves the attention
That she get when she moves
Showin' out with her home girls
And she got me watching too cause

She knows
(She knows, she knows, she knows)
She knows
(She knows, she knows, she knows)
She knows
(She knows, she knows, she knows)
(She knows, she knows, she knows)
Oh she knows

[Verse 3: Ne-Yo]
From the front to the back
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From her head to her toe
Why she do it like that?
Cause she knows, she knows
She aware that I'm watching
(She aware that you watching)
So she gon' put on a show
She look back and then she drop it
Cause she knows, she knows
Now check me out, she know a boss when she see one
She know one cause she be one
I watch her work it, and then watch it again like a re-run
Trouble maker, she one
Bring that thang to me hun
Look at my no label it's time for us to be leaving
And it really don't matter where we going
She be the center of attention with the way that she throw it
All this money I'm blowing don't matter cause I got more
And she can have every single dollar and she know

[Pre-Chorus 2: Ne-yo]
And she loves the attention
That she get when she moves, yeah
Showin' out with her home girls
Hypnotizing all the dudes, oh


[Verse 4: T-Pain]
I’ll be all up in this club
Ball up in this club
They jealous
And the only way I know we get them hoes and them n***as is jealous
Got that Juicy cutie patootie, I can't even lie
Look at that big booty on Judy walking in front of me like
Baby baby what's your major what's your sign?
Cause I like what I be seeing from behind
You got them red bottoms them true religions be tight up on your thigh
You know what you doing, so keep on moving got all them n***as like
Girl I’m tryna loosin you
Half and Half of that goose and juice
Baby tell me what it’s gon be
Look at the sparks comin’ right now
Lookin' like the 4th of July
You're officially coming with me


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