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Nasty C - Tell Em' Say lyrics

Yeah tell'em say (yeah)
Yeah Tell'em say

[Verse 1: Tshego]
Growing up in church both my parents used to preach
But they never stop me running in the street
At 17, they had to let me leave
Now your girls, like Eve trying to pick me cause I'm with the tree
What happened to you, you used to never care
I see the change now
Like they want me everywhere
Its like you niggas are going bald I fucking swear
Cause when it matters you were never here yeah
Shout out to the Boyz n Bucks
Cause all that really mattered were my boys in the blocks
Growing up we were into grooving in the back of a truck
Transports looking like a blacked out bus
Unit 7 on the way to start two
To unit 3 [???]
Gale kiba tsenya stress
Two dances
When I flex
Tell'em say
I hold it down for the North-West
Rude boy up in my block
Rude boy still a Don
Original bad man
Rude boy where you from
Tell'em say what a gwan
Original bad man

Tell'em say (yeah)
Tell'em say, tell'em say (yeah)
Tell'em say

[Verse 2: Nasty C]
Growing up they used to never wanna hear me
Now it's like they gotta ask permission to come near me
See they tell me that they went back to ‘that email' and they read it
Coz they mized all my messages..
And I got that message clearly

They heard me and they hoped that I would dumb it down Karma's like a virgin man
It'll hurt when she cums around
Pressure busts pipes and niggas wanna call the plumber now?
But I'll be humble
I don't wanna be the reason niggas let their mothers down

See it's gonna take a while just to get over it
I've never been the type to hold a grudge, well now I'm holding it
That's why I'll get cocky
They make me more and more of a dick
A selfish nigga, when it's close to summer I get cold as shit
Trust me I'll be fine with just my squad around me
A couple baddies with some heart to do some squats around me
Coupled doobies make the room smell like they just farted around me
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Coz the game could never find the piece that fell apart without me

Rude boy up in my block
Rude boy still a Don
Original bad man
Rude boy where you from
Tell'em say what a gwan
Original bad man

Tell'em say (yeah)
Tell'em say, tell'em say (yeah)
Tell'em say

[Verse 3: Casper Nyovest]
Growing up a nigga use to be a nuisance
Those who knew me never thought that I would do this
Phela my parents only love me when i was schooling
But my heart was always stuck up in the music
I was shooting for the star, shooting for the star
Seeing shooting stars
Make a wish for Top 40 charts
Ever thinking that I will never make it
But we made it far
Now I'm praying that I'll never ever be a falling star
I did it for le Mafi
Oh boy I did it for le Mafi
I'm Maftown till it's really Dust2Dust
Jeba, Morafi, Tuks Senganga, Khuli Chana
Cassper Nyovest they can never get enough
Nigga no
And now it's Tshego up next
Basutla sutla bo phunyuka bamphethe
Kgale ri tswara banna ba di can't get
We only come alive when the sun sets yeah

Oh yeah
Ok nigga yeah
You ain't bothered
Act like you don't care
Like the shits thats going down over here is not fair, no
I don't need a lane when I'm flying in the air
I hope you realise you need to give that hate a break
Come up but you can take no breaks from the come up
You're mistaken if you thought you had the run up
Since 1992 you can't sop the come up
Niggas these days is talking like the Dj's
You all need to mix me with the replays
Am all into making records and I know
I can leave it your girl
To have the songs on replay
And I been a Don
Don Corleone with the bombs on
More like T-bo Touch with the horn
All this heat, you surprised
Now I'm popping like corn

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