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Nasty C - Madibas Explict lyrics

Don't Get It Twisted....Its Benny Grawlix

Rands Money,Cash Moola
Rands Money,Cash Moola
Rands Money,Cash Moola
Rands Money
(Sifuna aMadiba) x2
[Verse 1]



I'm Tryna make the world spin
Man Another day is another sin

Now Moola the root of all evil
And I'm tryna get it
I'm tryna get it
I'm tryna
Ow Shit

I'm tryna
Make my pockets fat
With a lot of stacks

Put beats in coma's
And Give a bitch a heart attack

Talk is cheap also when u got a broke ass mind
Ow shit Man stop wasting my time

Coz time is moola
Money talks thula
If u cool I'm cooler
I'm a Mother'fucken bhuda

Listen to me and your ears are gonna be rich as fuck
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She gave me head and she sucked
Now Bitch I don't wanna fuck!
Coz I'm chasin


[Verse 2]


If you got that price city I'm Grateful maaan
I heard I'm killing niggas, when did it become racial maaan?
If I'm signing a deal with the devil
I'ma let the pen-seal the deal, then erase you maaan

Life's a bitch, I'm finna beat my dick to
I'll prolly cum on this instrumental
You Running you mouth bout You gon take a nigga out
Bitch nigga I can help you pick a dress that fit you

Life's too short to be long winded
And Hoes too thirsty to be called women
I was born wicked, My arms twitching
I wasn't born rich, but my palms itching

I'm from a place where Yon't sleep with Both eyes closed
I'm with some niggas that, sniff white hoes
I'm in the back of whip mad as shit. They won't hit a line like dry clothes

My deal with the devil says
I'll take the pitch fork
He take the switch blade
I put my 4OURs up for my Price Citizens
And mothafuck you if you ain't got the mixtape

I been on the hooka all day. Hanging on da end of consciousness. I put the money before the people I love and too high to even worry bout the consequence
It's probably this; I'm way to afraid to trust
I rather get the money. And go and get brain from one of these brainless sluts, young Czzle nigga


(Sifuna aMadiba)

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