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Wait a minute Hold up, brake pads Smoking on that loud And all that loud is loud enough to break gla** Smoke at registration Probably sober at 8th cla** Middle finger to my opposition and your hating a** I say f** what's in your pockets That sh** don't define me I am far from human, stupid Google can't describe me I'm probably the realest here But y'all rap n***as ain't hearing that But if you drop this here - you might f** around and get an ear tan hoe Where you heard that? No nobody said it I'm the type of n***a get drove by the chemist So angelic but the soul kinda hellish So dope with the freestyle - low I can sell it And my hand on the mic like feel Jackson Beat it up nah Phil like Blacksun f** high school, I mean it f** high school With a gold chain on screaming, "No Flex Zone" I met a girl named Sam (girl named Sam) And I fell inlove with a girl named Sam Yeah I had to rub it in like bird mans hands One hunnid, high life, stay puffing, dry ice And it don't love it, they can die twice I've seen the afterlife I took a peak sh** still don't change Y'all still got a penis appetite b**h n***a, you ain't acting right You ain't rapping right? And peer pressure almost had a young n***a straight blasting pipes You gotta know which hand can't take the strife To make a sacrifice My n***a you can't practice life I'm Price City Tom even said it My whole life rests in the palms of the fetish Grab it it out the hat, magic sh** Dab it out the a** for this rapping sh** And then write a rhyme instead of studying for my exam sh** Dumb n***a, dumb n***a

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