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Nasty C - Get Down For Me lyrics

[Hook: Sphiwe Hadebe]

Kill The Flow
Pop A Cap
Do It Through The Weekend Than We Bring It Back
Call Who Ever
Make Em Clap
Take Em To The End Of Time & Bring It
I Want You To Get Down For Me
Get Down For Me
Get Down For Me(To Get Down Down Down)
Get Down For Me
Get Down For Me(To Get Down Down Down

[Verse 1: Manny Yack]

Man I'm getting better though
Tic tac with the words and I bang on 20 hoes
Man I don't even do shows, I just show You how to do it with my team in the studio
BANG! I'm the rap picasso
Do re mi fa so la ti do
All For the notes, Homie take note of the danger in presence when I come You gone choke
Now tic tac with the weed bag intact
Sell out like you pitch black infact
Tic tac likes the way that we rap
We don't sell out we just out sell these cats
Aaaaah. . Bring the beat back
Funny how my dudes done came from the back. Funny how em dudes start hating on Yack
But I don't give a fuck take head and relax
Now stop with the talk I'm bringing em pain
You know how I bang with my gang I'm doing my thang
Fellas tryna hang but they can't my homie
I fade like the fake chains ya'll be wearing my homie I'm just saying. Now are you gone stay for the whole night?
Let's toast the champagne, She a hood rat my claws on that thing cause
I'm a cool cat that's chasing that fame, Chasing the fame..

[Hook: Sphiwe Hadebe]

[Verse 2: Lyrical Saint]

No New Details I'm Still H4
Get Down Like You Prayin To The Lord
Like You Prayin To The Lord
All Good Deeds I'm A Saint
Godsent Lyrics I Paint
Ngphushi Ikasi Kphela
Kukhuluma Imali Kleva
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Broke Niggas Are Deaf To Me
Broke Niggas Are Dead To Me
Call Who Eva Tell Em We Better
Call Your Chick Tell Her Cum Bend It
She'll Be Breaking And Flexin (Flexxxin)
Lips Be Pouting I'm Tappin (Tappin)
Legs Be Stretched It Yoga (Yogga)
All In Her Mouth Like It Yoghurt
Stepped In The Club With
Nasty C
Manny Yack
For-TLOM Lessgit
Sngena Ngama Backdoors
All While Swag We Fresh Though
After The Show Collect The Dough
I Wanna See You Get Down On The Dance Floor
Break It Down Like It Communion
Your Chick Told Me To Come
So You Can Just Keep Calm
Inbetween The Legs I Cum

[Hook: Sphiwe Hadebe]

[Verse 3: Nasty_C]

C'zzle Biatch!!
Now wait a minute you (drop it)
With the purpose to hurt them, you're perfect, your purse's finna burst with the worst of my (profits)
You deserve it, you're worth it, the Earth isn't ready for your perky and curvaceous body
O' my God she a hotty
And if I were to be hearing you calling yourself a Goddess, I'd be like “DahDamn You Modest”
I'm being honest
You're vibrant for one, and intelligent
That's my way of saying “that ass phat” 'cause we never met and I would never bet that you would lose in a twerking contest, you work it God yes, you're killing it
My guess is that you're faded (ahha)
If not let's get you faded
Now bring it and pop this X or this Molly (ahha)
If not just puff this Marly and then we can get
Wasted or waste time flirting and shit
Or get to a room where I work with the stick
I get that your roomie thinks I make her sick
I don't get that illusion, 'cause I don't do tricks
Hope she gets better soon get on top of this d*ck
And forget about her girl you hot and legit
You know I am the kid with your idol in pics
Now go down for a G, gone drop it and shit, yes lord

[Hook: Sphiwe Hadebe]

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