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Nasty C - 143 lyrics

Feat : Rowlene

[Verse 1: Nasty C]
You know we might be in tune
Like you took the wrong heart
Like you got mine I got yours
'Cause we're never apart
You're the ligt to my room
And you 're the paint to my art
And I invite you to move
And come and stay in my arms
See I decided the truth
Should come before our friendship
'Cause that's what friendship
Is built on to begin with
It took me quite a while
Didn't think I had this in me
So let me take this time
And put you on what we're meant to be

[Verse 2: Rowlene]
I cant' get this outta my head
And the words that I'm sayin
I feel all torn up
Drunk driving ain't never 143
Ain't no compromising
You're the one I want but..
All good things come to an end
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All that we've been through
Used to be friends
All good things come to an end
All that we've been through
Used to be friends
All good things, all good things (x4)

Through all these phases

[Verse 3: Rowlene]
But it doesn't have to be
you can stay right here with me
'Til the day we D.I.E
Through your phone I will never flee
Just forget about them hoes
That you meet on your shows
I know life on the road can cause the damage
Time our hearts are cold
But you I still wanna hold
Don't you switch on me, you are my homey
Only be lonely that's what you told me
You gotta stick to our words
We gotta put in that work
Real love is what we deserve
So let's be about it
Yeah let's not tell no one about it

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