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Narubi Selah - Spittin in da WhIp (freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1]
We keep it razor, double shot without the chaser
My soliloquies is high frequencies so raise the fader
Run tell your neighbour neighbour hip-hops resuscitator
I'm freshly caught food for thought, bought, so tip the waiter
The gladiator, nah bingy in a sick shoe, I'm laid back with them Olmec 6'2
We camouflage black, make back 6-2
Then we levitate weight, list for birds eye view
Fool, I didn't sign up for the show n' tells
I do this thing here for Oscar grant and Shawn bell
I rep' well for those who hell before the shells fell
The melanated concentrated up in prison cells, and well
Now that we're finished with the introductions and everyone here is clear on following instructions
Put your hands up high until they vertical and rock out as I sow it up surgical

[Verse 2]
Emphatically, I'm lyrically great, weight, lady earthquake, wake anyone is sleeping here
And I don't think you get the gist of what you facing here
Cause I ain't got that kind of time to just be wasting here
So we can get it on now while the space is clear
And your little groupie love it won't save you
I'll transcend to a wind and blow holes through your skin, first kin, best friend any jurisdiction
My addiction is to cause you verbal affliction, mic restriction, eviction to say the least
What I release will put your thesis in a pine box and most rappers say ice `cause they're not hot
And I can give a hot dam how many shows you rocked, bottom line, I'm the truth love and you're not
You porch monkeys couldn't see me in your blind spot, cause I'm aligned with the kind to make your neurines
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Mathematically, I be trigonometry and that's 3 times doper than your average MC
So, you ain't seeing me third eye lyrically
Like, empirically I'm numerically mature
A brown skin thats more than melanted to the core and I ain't come alone with a pack of herbivores
We nappy and we ready keep that pine [?] steady like [?] Serengeti we can get it on
And I ain't even done son I'm just getting on
But I've been living math since the day that I was born
An elevated height like I get the right light
Eleven hundred Fahrenheit and you ain't even warm
This is my dorm son and you've been forewarned
Cause I'm keep it ripping till the track's been torn
Like a chick's been scorned, I move like a pawn, get to your end of the board and guaranteed to switch form

Pardon `self if my tongue is just a bit to handle, I only speak in geometric form and sharp angles
I run with nappy headed scientists and silk mantles
45 on that square and beat and leather bangles
Tell the dresser freshly pedicured and [?] sandals
Gorillas on that front line in case you want to tango
Angels with them lightsabers turn your beef to [?]
[?] sister logic use it as a sample
First born I shape shift to human form
You see me hotter enough tracksuit watch me transform
My third eye projectile just like a unicorn
I sodomize every bar just like I'm uniform
So be informed, I hate to leave you disappointed
I keep the mean balance beams the flow is double jointed

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