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Narubi Selah - It's Your World lyrics

[Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]
It gets rough you can get buzz they Start saying you the next up
Life slows ya momentum they start saying you messed up
The way it's set up they don't teach us the biz
Cause They scared that's once we learn it we start reaching the kids
Paycheck to paycheck bill after bill stack
It's almost like a song got me feeling like Ronnie milsap
Nostalgia it's natural for us to want that "feel" back
Politic with snakes mostly find me where the "real" at
Started from a brick and then you wonder how they build that
Some get depressed and give up hope over a mishap
Followed by the shadow of death where it's pitch black
Survived hell that's why I take the time to give back
Schools is underfunded children undereducated
Leaders we would look up to is under investigation
Better to love the art never worship the artist
We born with a spark but often it gets tarnished
Temptation of taking the fast lane I rather move slow then burn out in fast flame
Like Paul walker rest in power kid my thoughts race a thousand per hour
With light beams that make the clouds split
Walking thru Flatbush junction to with a function corruption
Starts at the top and grows like a fungus
Makes me wonder how we keep from going under
People's minds waking up and we growing in numbers
The color of Americas changing information is shared
Love is love it's contagious to care
The system is rigged and the truth is the game isn't fair
Overseas my cousins barefoot I gave him a pair
Flashing paper on ya snaps but no paper to share
The kids are listening so watch what you say on the snare it's your world

[Hook: Vocalist]
It's Your World

[Verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]
Judge mental no person without an apparent flaw
They say the youth lost but who raised em that's the parents fault
Family picture where ya dad at? Out the picture
Mom bitter grew up thinking that the world out to get cha
Spazzes out in school cause he's jealous of his peers
Bullying the class you can tell that he wears his emotions on his sleeve coping with his inner demons
It's hard to shine they intimidated by the genius
His mom loves him but neglected by the pops
In a few years they predict he'll be arrested by the cops
Emulating rap stars he be seeing on the web
With these chicks you already chivalry is dead
Hanging out on the corner at night with older dudes
Put in uncomfortable positions he gotta show and prove
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Going thru the motions for a few dollars in his pocket
Copped him a pair of Jordans now he feeling like he got it
Limeade and chicken pattie from fisherman cove
All he can do is live day by day and get a with the flow
Headphones wrapped tight on his dome makes him escape
Had a chance to play ball but he gave it away
They say the only to way to really learns to make a mistake
Doing what he know to survive open your eyes
Easy to judge from the outside
And take the truth apart from the lie
Low income neighborhoods is apartheid
And as we grow, feels like a part of us dies
A smart kid with opportunities that compromised
Trying to wash the pain like a load of clothing in the laundromat
Cuffed up in the subway cops caught em with a Ganja sack
But that's exactly what he needed
Life's a treadmill trynna find the meaning it's your world


[Verse 3: Narubi Selah}
This gotta be more than a hashtag
More than a profile post and a du-rag
More than a raise black fists when we get mad
More than a lace front wig, MCM bag
It's a real war
With a real pale horse and a real whore
A real major beef to settle with a real score
Self-sufficient all my people nothing less or more
It's Emmit Till, P. Castile, Brian Moore
More than organized marches and death music
Timmy Turner had a burner but he never used it
You're a Panda, I'm a Panther, don't ever confuse it
And if you're mad like you say you're mad, then you should lose it
You should lose it for the Dante's Romarley Graham, and Johnie Crawfords
The Sarah Blands The Freddie Grays and South Chicago
Sean Bell, Young Shantel, A. Diallo
V. White, Tamir Rice, Ronald Beasley
P. Jones, Deaunta Forroe, rest easy
Derek Jones, Rahiem Brown, Kenneth Harding
Alonzo, Wendell Allen, Tammy Starling
Ezell, Kajeem Powell, Akai Gurkey
Mckenzie, Andy Lopez, Miriam Carey
Carlos, Larry Eugene, young Kimani
Evette, Tyree Woodson, Timothy Russell
Reynaldo, Kendre McDade, Melissa Williams
And to all of our nephews, and our brothers, and our cousins
And our husbands, and our loved ones.. And our love ones. It's our world

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