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Nardo Ranks - New Jersey Drive lyrics

[Nardo Ranks] Now this is Nardo Rankin
[Junior Demus] And this is Junior Demus, in case you never know

[Chorus - Nardo Ranks]
Inna the New Jersey Drive, New Jersey Drive
Mind how you a drive upon the Jersey Turnpike
Inna the New Jersey Drive, New Jersey Drive
Mind how you a drive upon the Jersey Turnpike

[Junior Demus]
Whether in a Benz, or Cressida
Man you haffi cross pon the border
Man fi come to New York area
Mind you remember State Trooper
Man you see them you haffi pull over
Inna the New Jersey Drive, New Jersey Drive
Come down Nardo Rankin tell how fi survive

[Nardo Ranks]
I go left New York a me a go ah Trenton
When me hit the turnpike hit it with caution
Cause police man deh wait fi pull over someone
Especially if you like Jamaican
You better pray fi god fi seh your papers no wrong
Make sure your license in a good condition


[Junior Demus]
Remember you haffi park on Washington Bridge
Dat deh bridge it is a big privilege
Drivin' inna the city and through the village
I Mr. Natulous you know me haffi lef inna the New Jersey drive
New Jersey drive
Come down Nardo Rankin ah the New Jersey drive

[Nardo Ranks]
Cah me seh driving through New Jersey can't drink no liquor
One thing me know, you haffi sober
Can't wear no big chain or [ ? ]
One thing me fraid of ah the State Trooper
Them no ramp no joke no play no fi pull you over
Search up your car for crack and ganja
Me haffi [ ? ] pon dem, like me a foreigner
And say “Yo man… my papers is straight!”
You see what I mean?

[Junior Demus] Yo seh
[Nardo Ranks] Yeah


[Junior Demus]
Remember Junior Demus
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When you a drive
Make sure no drink and drive
If you drink, man and you drive
Tell the whole world seh, you can't survive
Man you ah go crash, and paralyze
You haffi think conscious, you haffi think wise
This a New, New, New, New Jersey Drive
Youth and youth
Cah me seh haffi save someone
Me haffi save a life
When me a drive pon the New Jersey Drive
Jah jah know me haffi careful pon the Jersey Turnpike
[ ? ]
[ ?]
New York — nuh-uh — New Jersey Drive
Come down Nardo Rankin a New Jersey Drive

[Nardo Ranks]
Hear me say now Demus
Me seh drive inna car me drive properly
Whether Honda or Mercedes Mazda or Infiniti
Mi haffi pa** through Jersey fi go dung inna Philly
When we a drive now we drive properly
And no state trooper them can't pull over we
We have some new thing consciously
When we a drive constructively and
Listen to the Nardo Rankin and the one Junior D


[Junior Demus]
We nuh drive inna haste drive inna hurry
We no carry coke we no carry sensi
Drive on the road pon we drive carefully
Cah you and you, and me and me
Speed limit 52 plus 3
Junior Demus him a top celebrity
Me no want fi drive too fast and go no 60
And fi crash! And k** nobody
Inna the New Jersey Drive, New Jersey Drive
As me drive is how me a survive
Me no want no crash and paralyze
Come down Nardo Ranks me a know seh you wise

[Nardo Ranks]
Now me and Demus in a Cressida
And ah [ ] we going a Philadelphia
When we reach the Turnpike we see the state trooper
Them no ramp no joke no play now dem pull we over
And ah search up wi car fi gun and ganja
True them see we come from Jamaica
We haffi [?] pon them like we a foreigner
And say “Yo man! What's up? My papers are straight!”
You see what I mean?

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