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Naomi McCloud - Perfect Vision lyrics

2 eyes only one with 20/20 vision
the other roams
makes its own decisions
the other makes provisions
always two separate missions
one side is pro-active
the other lives off of wishes
left brain?
probably insane, it only looks at parts
thats where some people start
for me thats where it ends
Right brain?
strange it looks at the whole
its holistic
intuitive & that is how I live, whatever ones energy sends
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makes me very selective
which makes me connective and reflective
to some people I am elective
with others they are invective
but I do not become redirective
I like to observe their entire objective
sometimes I'm slow and
I always get the message
I call it silent deliberation
sensitive depending on the relation
feisty depending on if I care if they like me
left eye recieves and deceives
right eye believes and achieves
therefore MY reality is
and this just another part of
I'm so silly

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