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Naomi McCloud - Hunger Pains lyrics

Hunger pains, I yearn for more.
Waiting impatiently at your front door.
For you to give it to me.
No, I mean give it to me.
Like give it to me, like you've never given it to anyone before.
I want more!
More than she's had, and more than she will ever have.
I want the feeling of it to rush up and down my spine.
Starting from you. know. where.
Yea I mean there.
Quench my thirst, I'm thirsty for you.
Yearning for you.
Waiting for you.
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I'm expecting you to lay it on me, like you've never laid it on anyone before.
Take my body feeling poor, and enlighten me.
I want you to give it me!
No, I mean give it to me, give me all of your,
I want to feel it burn up and through my stomach, starting from you know where,
My Heart.
Yes There.
I am an empty cup,that you've filled with your love,
My Drug.
And I consume it instantly...Engulf it like it's part of me.
So when you stroll up, and see me...waiting outside your front door...
You smile, because you know what brung me here.
Hunger pains, I yearn for more.

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