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Naomi McCloud - Can You Feel Me? lyrics

I want you to feel what I'm sayin' like I'm stroking your bones.
Swallow my words, like they're hittin' home.
I don't want you to forget this conversation after you walk away.
So when I ask you later, you better have somethin to say
I want you to sit down son and let this flow through your ears.
Don't roll your eyes, and block out my harsh spears.
Dont mock over my mockery because you dont like what you hear.
I'm not your mother!, I won't tolerate ignorance.
I won't cradle you in my arms, and lie to you and tell you everything is alright.
I won't wake you up at 6 AM on Christmas morning and tell you I hear Santa Claus's bells outside.
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I'm cold, I'm spitting you the truth because I know you won't like it.
Laying you across my empty meaningful words, and spanking life into your a**.
You say you want me for who I am, yet you can't even handle the version of myself I'm throwing to you.
You can't even accept the truth I'm lying at your feet, your lying to yourself.
You lie so much, why are you hiding the truth from your own self?!
Why can't you accept it and let it go?
Tell yourself the truth, that we can't be,
and you most definitely under any circumstances can't have me.
Can you see me? hear me? smell me? Hear what I'm saying?
I belong to one person. Jesus almighty.
Get with it.

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