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Nando - GSS (Grime Scene Saviour) lyrics

(Mizeree ProductionsTag)*

[Verse 1]
Fam it's Nando with another fresh beat
Mans in the grime scene stole your girl
What do you mean?
Why do you seem so keen you snake?
Come to my ends with your mate
I'll get my [?] and you'll get shanked
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Don't bring that girl she stank
I don't mess with skets
Especially if they're unclean (Innit)
Man better know, I don't mess about
So don't try and violate me you batty boy
Don't "@" me either, cause you can't stop me
Mans ruthless!
Spitting bars at the rave, making everyone go extreme cray
That's what it's all about
Me and my mate came straight out the underground
To the top

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