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Nando - A.P.E lyrics

[ Intro: 4GN Spodee]
Real APE shit man
Im In the jungle right now, fuck nigga

[Hook: 4GN Spodee]
Don't.. Play.. Get.. Sprayed..
Glocks.. Kay's.. Okay.. Get Ate.. No Plate..
A. P. E Apes.. Hold on, Wait, you.. broke.. we.. paid
My niggas.. straight.. take.. shake.. earthquake
20k.. but it's.. plain..

[Verse 1: 4GN Mari]
20k.. on my.. wrist
20k.. necklace.. hold on, wait.. don't you.. play
My niggas.. strapped.. yo' niggas.. not safe
20k.. in the.. safe.. on the.. drugs.. imma' plug
My niggas.. thugs.. most of them.. Bloods
Others G's.. some of them..crips.. we aim..
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You niggas.. dip.. don't you.. play.. strap.. vip
Smokin' gas.. by the.. zip.. got like.. 30.. in a clip

[Verse 2: Nando]
30.. on my.. hip.. Niggas play.. get dip..
Diamonds.. water.. boat.. Ship..
My niggas.. got my back..flip.. she suckin'
She start.. from the tip.. If she.. suck it.. good.. Tip
Hustle.. Gang.. like Tip.. My niggas.. whippin.. flipping.. bricks Get.. Peeled.. Banana Clip.. Gas.. bag.. smell like.. shit
You roll.. you... it's a.. bitch.. Got pressure.. we can.. hit
Niggas.. asking.. what this is.. I just say.. it's a.. Stick
Rugas'.. Choppas.. Pistols.. We Lit.. We got.. all types.. of shit

[Verse 3: YGN Spodee]
Hold up.. Hop out.. Pull up (skrt).. with the top out
Hundred Drum.. in the.. side door .. Niggas.. acting.. but they.. won't Pop Out.. Catch em'.. Slippin.. Knock his block off..
Apes.. Kays.. Dope.. Jays.. Fucking.. Baes.. Niggas punk..
Really.. Gay.. No Daps.. No Hey's.. Freaky.. Bitch.. both ways

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