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Nancy Reyes - Monomyth essay lyrics

An epic hero monomyth is a pattern for stories telling the story of a hero in 12 steps. For an example there is Spiderman, batman, ironman and other more. They all fulfill the epic hero monomyth. Today this monomyth is important because they can follow pattern and be the best role model.

A normal teen that wants to enjoy and find new thing to do in life. One day the normal teen Luke found a message from a girl named Leia. Obi wan teaches Luke about force He was so interested in the message, he didn't know if she was in danger so he left his home. He went to go look for her and help her. He had to face many obstacles for a girl he didn't even know. For an example Luke had to get in lots fights just to save her. When Luke got to her he thought she was beautiful. Leia didn't understand why a guy that doesn't even know her would try to go save her. She liked that about him. Luke does fulfill the epic hero monomyth.

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A happy single dad with his son living a normal life under the sea. Marlin the dad is over protected and doesn't wasn't anything to happen to Nemo. Marlin doesn't want to send Nemo to school yet, but Nemo thinks he is ready. When Nemo was at school he and his friends saw a boat and they wanted to see who can touch the boat and Nemo did. When he was coming back the fisher man from the boat took Nemo. Marlin was scared he didn't know what to do. Marlin was afraid of the open sea, we'll he was on his way to find nemo he ran into dory. Dory told marlin that she saw where the boat went. They both looked everywhere, they faces many obstacles for an example marlin is scared of sharks and they were about to eat him on his way of trying to find Nemo. But he finally got to him brought him safe back home. And that gave Nemo and Marlin a lesson. But I think marlin is a good example of an epic hero. He did fulfill the epic hero monomyth.

Which hero makes the best role model? In my opinion I think that marlin the dad from finding nemo makes the best role model. He may be over protected but he would do any from his son. He is very brave to go out in the open sea all by himself. He is a hero he helped other people on his way to find his son.

The 12 cycle is important to understand because many epic movies are all involved in the monomyth. The 12 monomyth includes each stages in the hero's life.

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