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Nahkampf - Nahkampf — If you're white lyrics

Read the papers, watch TV, hear the media lie to me
On th eradio, in the news, you're all wrong except the Few
The government doesn't tell the truth, destroy the future of the white youth
If you're white, they'll say you're bad, they must think that we're all mad

If you're white, you're alright
If you're white, today
If you're white, OK
If you're white, you're alright

They ban our marches, squash our rights, we'll resist with all our might
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There seems to be a moral lack, marches allowed for reds and blacks
They started riots, raised all hell, for a communist Kurd they burnt themselves
Leftwing queers telling their lies, calling on a antifascist fight


Well it's our country, let's take it back, give the race act men the sack
For the cause some go to jail, and this must mean that we must never fail
They'll try and make you feel ashamed for everything our race is blamed
They'll try and tell you day is night, but don't forget that white is right


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