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N8:08 - Long Nite lyrics

Yea Yea, Long Nite
Ay yo cut this sh** up to where it's like bad for me, you feel me?

[Chorus: N8:08]
Say your prayers before it gets dark
9 milli 9 millimeter's from your heart
All they saw was three n***as in a black dodge
They was reaching for the semis, they was reaching for the stars
My n***a just bought a new mac let me try it out
Put the clip in watch it slide out
Shorty bought the d** bout to vibe out
Cut this sh** on before we ride out

[Verse 1: N8:08]

I heard they was looking for me
Well god damn, n***a here I go
I went to hell and came back this the sh** I wrote
Eh(ad-lib), This the sh** I wrote
Uh, chopper sing a song for you opps thats an opera
It's a sin how I'm going in I'm Sinatra
Iphone 6 ask Siri whats a hossa?
It's a bad b**h draft I'm going to put her on the roster

Man these n***as ain't playing with you
Uh, I'm going to hit you with la flame, man these n***as don't play
sh** is getting crazy they just locked my n***a Tov up
And he had his first son on the same day
I was out in Cali
Trying to get my mind right
I was in New York
n***a trying to get my mind right
Told my n***as we going to turn my vision into hindsight
b**h it's N8:08 I had to get the time right

[Hook: N8:08]

I just popped two
[Lyrics from: https:/]
I don't know what they going to do
It's about to be a long nite

Shorty hit my line
When you fiending to come through
It's about to be a long nite

He owe the plug
But he still got some work he got to move
It's about to be a long nite

You say your n***as ready
But they n***as ready too
It's about to be a long nite

Long nite, It's about to be a long nite (X4)

[Repeat Chorus: N8:08]

[Verse 2: N8:08]

You ain't got to Ask Jeeves, just ask jesus
n***as plotting while they next to you eating
It might be Yeezy season, OVO season
But it's my year, I'm the one they believe in
J told me I should wait until next year, Kendrick dropping, Meek dropping
One thing he forgot to mention, me dropping
Will he make it I don't know man, I don't know man
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know
But I'm at these n***as souls and they nappy fros
I should have did this sh** before man I'm past due
Time to get this sh** cracking, pistachio
All these old n***as mad man they mad old
Got mad hoes I'm a king in the middle Nat Cole
Told freak to get the swishers n***a grab four
It's about to be a

[Repeat Hook: N8:08]

[Repeat Chorus: N8:08]

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